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RGM Consulting provides IT consulting services tailored to help Small and Medium-Sized businesses leverage technology to their advantage. We are a leading provider of managed "Green" technology consulting solutions to the SMB and Government market sectors. Green IT consulting is comprised of initiatives and strategies that reduce the environmental footprint of technology.

Manage your IT to manage your business

With our expertise in IT consulting services, you can reduce or eliminate the stress, challenges, and costs of trying to meet your own technology needs. Our attention to detail minimizes downtime and promotes the greatest technological efficiency in order to support your employees in all that they do.
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We do the tech side of marketing

A web site provides a foundation for your business. But you need the right web strategies to make sure you get business. Combining your ideas with our technology consulting services can give your marketing just the right push, whether you want help with email marketing, optimization, or other online marketing possibilities.
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Integrating all your technology

Managing different technology vendors can be a real hassle - and keep you from focusing on your core business. When you hire us to manage your vendors, we serve as your rep, weaving together all the strands of technology consulting in a way that doesn't fray anybody's nerves.
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IT needs can sometimes fall off the radar, only to show up later as bigger issues. Sometimes they don't seem important until things reach a crisis or they cause widespread problems. It can be useful to have a second pair of eyes on your system to anticipate the consequences of your technology decisions.

Technology can slow your business down or speed it up. If your IT isn't working, chances are your business isn't either. We're here to make sure they both do, by keeping your IT systems in top-notch shape.

Using best practices, our team of IT experts diligently monitors your system to keep your network at its highest performance level. Our dedicated technology specialists manage your IT systems so you can focus on what really matters: how to make your business thrive.

As a managed IT consulting services provider, we provide our clients with incomparable expertise, attentive support, and guaranteed satisfaction. Our flexibility allows you to choose the services you want, all at an affordable price that keeps your IT budget under control. We have the flexibility to manage all or only a few of your IT services. You get the support you want at a cost that fits your budget.

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